Business Postcard Creation Tips

Your potential customers have dozens of marketing messages coming at them every day. This means you have just a few seconds to introduce them to your business. What do you want them to see? To read? To remember?

One of the best ways to catch your audience’s attention in a snap is to use a business postcard. A postcard contains just a small amount of copy, so readers can quickly process its contents. It features a bold, clear design that draws people’s gaze. And unlike other types of business mail, it’s not in an envelope so readers can’t miss its message.

But there’s an art to postcard marketing. From ideation to distribution, plan a winning campaign that helps your company’s postcard stand out.

Copywriting Principles

Before you decide what your postcard will look like, you need to know what it’s going to say. All of the copy should lead the reader to a specific objective. You don’t want to say everything you can about your business; this will overwhelm readers with information. If your postcard copy is short and sweet, readers are more likely to read it.

Here’s what to include:


The shorter and snappier the headline, the more likely it is to capture readers’ attention. “One-Day Furniture Sale,” tells someone all she needs to know. “We offer the best furniture prices in the business!” does not.


Again, include only what readers absolutely need to know. This might include the date, time, and location of an upcoming sale.

Call to Action

What do you want your readers to do after they see your postcard? Perhaps you want them to visit your store on a sales day or call for a specific seasonal service. Your call to action might say something like, “Bring this postcard into the store and get 50% off any item.”

Include a marketing pitch on the back of the postcard as well, since people will likely see the back side first.

Design Principles

Now that you know what you want the postcard to say, work with a graphic designer to choose effective design elements.


Use fonts that attract the eye, but in a familiar, comfortable way. People don’t like advertisements that draw too much attention to themselves, so don’t use all caps or intimidating fonts.


There’s no need to use rainbow-coloured fonts to help your headline stand out. Some colours get swallowed in the overall postcard, so print your headline in black over a white background instead.


As for graphics, a simple coloured photo is the best way to attract a reader’s eye. Whatever you do, don’t make the design too busy. Create a design that uses white space to attract the focus on the written message.

To ensure a successful postcard design, choose a company that offers graphic design services. Their professional designers can create a postcard that really gives an impression.


Now that you’ve designed the perfect postcard, you need a way to get these postcards to the right people.

Of course, you’ll want to send your postcards to people who live near your business. But also consider other factors to narrow your audience, including:


Economic status marital status

Using these factors; find areas and audiences that fit your target market.

Now, how do you get your postcards to these areas? The best way is to use the Every Door Direct Mail Service through the Canada/U.S. Postal Service. Simply let them know which areas you want to target and they send your postcards to those areas.

From writing to designing to distributing your postcards, make sure you have a great printing company on your side. They can create postcards that will grab many people’s attention. Follow these tips to create postcards that shine.


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