6 Powerful Advertising Words

As a small business, your print advertisements rely on words and images to persuade consumers to buy or use your business services. These words and images help customers learn about your business, know the kinds products you sell, and lead them to make a purchase.

Over time copywriters, businesses owners, and marketing professionals have discovered that certain words are more likely to increase customer feedback and generate sales. Read on to learn which words can help bolster your print advertisements.

  1. “You” or “Your” The word “you” bridges the gap between you and the consumer. “You” turns your generalized advertising copy into a personal conversation between your company and an individual.

One Honda Pilot print ad simply reads “YOUTILITY” in bold letters to let customers know that the Pilot was made specifically for their needs. Honda takes the idea of an SUV and makes the Honda Pilot your personal SUV.

In business, everything should be about the customer. When your print advertisement uses the word “you,” you make customers feel valued and appreciated. Emphasize “you” in your next print campaign to improve your relationships with your customers.

  1. “Because” Customers want to know what makes your product unique or different from your competitors. “Because” indicates to your customer that they haveareasontobuyyourproduct.Thiswordalsoinvitesthemtoactonthosereasons. These reasons don’t need to be complex or sophisticated, but the word “because” does make your customers more likely to buy your products.

Social psychologist Ellen Langer conducted an experiment to confirm the power of the word, “because”. In her experiment, Langer used different techniques and asked to cut in line at a copy machine. Over 90% of people let her cut in front of them when used the word “because” followed by a reason. Only 60% of people let her cut when she didn’t use “because” and an explanation.

This experiment clearly shows that when you include “because” in a request, you greatly increase the likelihood that someone will take action.

Incorporate “because” into your print ad copy and your sales will take off.

  1. “Sale” Shoppers are almost instantly drawn to the word, “sale.” They associate the word with financial savings, and everybody wants to feel like they got a good price for their purchase.

“Sale” has been a traditional marketing word for many years, and it draws many people to make purchases they wouldn’t normally consider. The biggest sales of the year occur around the winter holiday season as people buy gifts for their loved ones.

If you don’t use “sale” in your print ads, start today.

     4. New” Consumers always look for the latest and greatest products. “New” implies
to your consumers that your product works better than previous models and that it
is the best of its kind.

Apple has mastered the appeal of “new” with highly anticipated product launches. With every launch, Apple draws thousands of customers to their storefronts for the newest iPhone or Mac the day these products come out.

Utilize “new” to engender feelings of positivity and excitement about your products.

  1. “Secret” or “Exclusive” When you say “secret” or “exclusive,” it’s almost said in a whisper. These two words make consumers feel like they have gained access to savings or products that are only available to a select few customers. Consumers then feel like anything they purchase from your “secret” or “exclusive” offerings is a steal.

Amazon’s Lightning Deals is one way the business has utilized “secret” or “exclusive” deals. Lightning Deals are only available to individuals who have Amazon Prime accounts. This exclusive offering provides discounts on certain products for a limited time. Amazon helps those with Prime accounts receive worthwhile benefits for their paid membership.

“Secret” or “exclusive” deals are a great way to reward your customers for their loyalty and continued support. Implement these words in your next advertisement.

  1. “Best Seller” “Best seller” is a phrase loaded with meaning. When people read “best seller,” they feel reassured. These words lead them to believe that other people have found the product they purchased to deliver high quality performance, reliability, and durability-all at a good price.

Think of the last book you spontaneously bought. What made you buy that book? Perhaps you discovered a book you didn’t know about or you found the book’s topic interesting. Or you may have bought it due to “best seller” sticker.

Your customers will put much more trust in your product when they see “best seller” somewhere in its description.

Strengthen Your Print advertising

With the right combination of power words, your print advertisements can greatly increase your sales rate. Write text that reflects your company’s message, personality, and goals. When you’re ready to ship your print advertisements, talk to a printing company. They’ll help you deliver effective and appealing advertisements to your target audience.

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