Corporate Christmas Card Perfection

The holidays are just around the corner, and your company is getting ready for increased gift sales, the annual Christmas party, and a holiday fundraiser for a local food drives. It’s a busy time of year, but you want to take the time to let your employees and clients to know that their trust means a lot to you and to your business.

A personal touch is just what you need to express your gratitude. But how to deliver it? As much as you’d like to, you can’t give every employee a trip to Hawaii, and you can’t give every customer a new car. But remember, you don’t need to-during the holiday season, little things go a long way. What better way to express appreciation and friendship to your corporate contacts than with a personalized, well-designed Christmas card? Below, learn why and how to design and distribute your company’s seasonal greetings.

Why Send Corporate Christmas Cards

Wait-you say. Can’t I show my employees I care with a friendly email or a cordial Facebook message? It might depend on the message you want to send. Social media and email are ubiquitous and easy to use, but does a holiday message via Twitter communicate to your employees and customers that you really care?

Receiving a card in the mail has become a bit of a foreign concept in our technology-obsessed society, which is why a mailed Christmas card really makes a statement. It says, “You are important to our business, and we’re willing to spend the time and money to let you know that.” That care goes a long way in today’s world of enormous corporations and faceless customer service.

Plus, people feel an emotional effect when they receive a card. You’ve experienced it before-a personalized card brightens your day and lets you know that someone cares. Sending Christmas cards this year will express appreciation and loyalty to your corporate contacts. Holiday cards are the perfect PR move. You strengthen your current business relationships, get your name and brand out to the public, and even reach out to prospective clients and contacts. Plus, gratitude and humility are attractive traits, particularly in businesses. Take the time to send a card. It makes a difference.

How to Design the Perfect Card

When you decide to send Christmas cards in the mail this year, you’ve only won half the battle. Next, you have to choose the design and message of your card. Use the following tips to create a great company Christmas card.

Consider Your Company’s Personality

Does your business strive to be lighthearted and fun-loving? Is it family-oriented? Is it professional and authoritative? Your card’s design should reflect the attitude that your company embodies. For example, an enthusiastic construction company might include a funny picture of the board of directors and a lighthearted message in its card. A sedate law firm might send a card with a simple, elegant design and a short, handwritten note. Whatever you choose to send, make sure it reflects your company’s personality and business attitude.

Quality Sends Its Own Message

Construction paper and glitter are things of the past-if you choose to send a company business card, don’t scrimp and create handmade cards. Instead, work with a graphic designer who can create a beautiful card and a printing company that can give you a quality finished product.

Design Matters

Because our society is so familiar with quality digital and print design, most people can recognize poor, unprofessional design. Work with a graphic designer to ensure that your company’s Christmas card communicates thoughtfulness, care, and professionalism (not cheapness or tacky taste).

You can also learn about color psychology, font selection, and basic design principles in our other blog posts.

Be Considerate

Our community is diverse, and people celebrate different cultures and traditions during the holiday season. Consider including a positive but neutral message-like “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy Holidays”-to avoid giving others the impression that your company is exclusive or pushy.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating during the holidays, and all religions, cultures, and traditions should be respected. But because your card is coming from your business (and not you specifically), you may need to be careful about the type of message you convey via your company’s holiday card.

Personalize Your Cards

A great design and thoughtful message go a long way, but a handwritten note or signature helps you communicate your personal appreciation for the recipient. You may not have time to sign every card, but your graphic designer can help you create a digital signature for your cards.

This holiday season is a great time to show your clients, employees, and prospective customers how grateful you are to associate with them. Distributing a Christmas card is a fantastic way to express thoughtful gratitude and good will.

To begin the design and distribution of your Christmas card before the holiday season becomes too busy, contact your graphic design and print company today.

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