Boost your Business using Print Magazines

We live in a digital world. Screens in their many forms continue to replace hard-copy books, newspapers, personal letters, and much other tangible communication media. As more companies join the online world, business leaders may wonder why print publishing still exists.

The fact is, not all print media will thrive in today’s digital world, but quality print media will survive. Why?

Print magazines offer individuals a tangible, personal reading experience not available from social media or online sites. And magazines offer decided advertising benefits to businesses that want new leads.

Consider the following advantages print magazines offer your business.

Advertising Benefits for Your Business
To increase company awareness and pique your audience’s interest, don’t discount the power of magazine ads. While print magazines aren’t as quickly disseminated as digital material, you may find customers are more likely to notice you in a magazine than online.

Check out the following benefits from print advertising in magazines:

Increase Credibility
Website advertising often carries with it the stigma of sketchy intentions. Readers avoid online ads without hesitation because they fear computer viruses or intentional misdirection to an irrelevant site.
By contrast, print advertising feels safer to consumers. Readers can thumb through pages, look at ads, and decide whether or not to take further action on each ad’s products or services. No clicking, no viruses, no risks.

Avoid Annoyance
When Internet users want to read or look at a particular site, flashing words and dancing pop-up images are instant turn-offs. In print magazines, readers can scan ads without feeling invaded by pushy advertising.

Stand Out
As online readers scroll through a particular website, they experience sidebar ads as background or visual noise. Sometimes websites cram several ads together, making advertising information illegible at best, chaotic at worst.

Instead, when you splash your ad across a magazine page, your company stands out. Whether your ad is a quarter-page, half-page, full-page, or full spread, your printed logo and message will capture attention much easier than on the sidebar of a webpage.

Target Audiences
Print advertising is a successful way to hit your target audience. If you place your ad for business card design in an entrepreneurship magazine, for example, readers are drawn to your products because those products match their business needs.

Engage Readers
Internet readers often multitask online by browsing websites and listening to music, emailing, texting, visually scanning other sites, clicking, posting, or travelling between tabs or apps.
That said, studies also show that many people who read on printed pages focus better and retain more of what they read. In sum: magazine readers will remember your glossy ad page better than an online ad.

Also, pay attention to two main types of magazine readers-occasion readers and loyal readers. Occasion readers settle down with a magazine on special occasions. Loyal readers are frequent subscribers to a certain magazine that interests them. The more they see your ad in their favourite magazines, the more they’ll remember you.

In either case, those who read magazines probably notice and spend time on your ad as they leisurely turn the pages.

Return the Favour and Bolster Your Bottom Line
Just as your company benefits from advertising in other magazines, other companies can grow from advertising in your magazine.

If your business doesn’t already produce a magazine, consider creating one. Magazines catch attention, make the rounds from reader to reader, and offer a way for your business to earn money from like-minded business who need a place to advertise.

Keep Those Pages Turning
Magazines may seem dated to some, but don’t fool yourself they still attract business traffic. So set aside a budget for magazine ads and consider selling ads in your own magazine. You’ll bolster your bottom line and gain new supporters simultaneously.

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