10 Marketing Ideas


New advances in technology change the way we interact with the world, especially when it comes to advertising. More and more businesses are turning to online advertising to attract customers and promote their brand. But don’t let this surge in online advertising box you in!

While it’s definitely a good idea to have an online presence, you can combine your online marketing skills with tried and true offline marketing to increase brand awareness. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

1. Business Cards

Think of business cards as portable advertisements. Their small size makes it easy for customers to hold and to share with others. Be sure to list your website on your business card so tech-savvy customers can find you easily.

2.  Posters

Well-placed posters in high-traffic locations boost awareness and can lead to a direct increase in business. Include important details on your posters, such as location (online and off) and contact information, to call customers to action.

3.  Flyers

Flyers offer the same benefits as posters but in a smaller, more manageable size. They can easily be passed out at events and tucked into mailboxes to increase user awareness. Flyers are an affordable option for reaching a local audience.

4.  Brochures

Brochures often include more detailed information than posters and flyers so your customers can learn more about what your company has to offer. They tend to be cheaper to produce than posters and easier to distribute.

5.  Banners

Want to get the word out about a special event? Banners are much larger than posters so they can be seen by more customers. Use eye-catching colours and memorable phrases to grab customer interest.

6.  Calendars

While flyers and posters make for great temporary handouts, calendars keep on advertising year round. Provide customers with brand calendars so they can remember important dates and events.

7.  Catalogs

While many businesses are opting to post their catalogues online, printed catalogues are making a comeback in the advertising industry. This is because printed material is tactile, easy to handle and put down again. Many people read catalogues to decide what they want before they go online to order.

8.  Letterhead

Have your logo and letterhead printed on custom letterhead that you can hand out to customers. When someone writes a note on your letterhead, it’s another opportunity to spread the word about your business.

9.  Menus

Menus are a must-have for any restaurant. Consider adding a QR code to your menu so users can access your website with a smartphone or other portable device.

10.  Magnets

Magnets are a great way to boost business awareness. Every time the customer opens the fridge, they have easy access to your information.


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