Tanja Kobasic, Author

There is one author who is dear to me. One that has virtually put everything on hold to get her stories told. I have known this person for over thirteen years and counting. She has asked for my feedback and consultation on her ideas, creative thinking, proofreading, image consulting, research, creative design and layout, website and blog development, and a compassion to see her succeed.

The author that I’m referring to is none other than the award-winning Tanja Kobasic. She is the creator of the Golden Key: A transitional children’s book, linked with one of Canada’s largest confectionary companies. When Tanja isn’t writing, she runs her paralegal firm and is a proud and licensed member of The Law Society of Upper Canada.

She has written a plethora of books, short stories, poetry, books to movie reviews and has astounding vocal presents regarding acting out imaginary characters (which is sometimes extremely comical), a singing voice, and a stage presence. Tanja is also passionate about her pets and is also a pet advocate who will voice her concerns when something is an array.

The following is a list of books and short stories she has written and are available for sale in paperback or eBook formats on Amazon.


Available Books/eBooks


“Undeniably unique and entertaining dark fantasy . . . Excellently developed characters, brisk pacing, an intensely spiritual undertone, and a highly original.”
-Blueink Review

“An inventive love story full of curious twists and turns. . . The reader follows along on a subsequently bizarre love story full of reincarnation, diabolical figures and the roaring club culture of present-day Las Vegas. Sexual at times(“Wetness pooled in me as his hand inched closer”), Still, the novel, the first in a projected series, succeeds in creating a believable fantastic situation, and the main characters’ unusual back stories make for intriguing urban fantasy characters.”
“A riveting novel that focuses heavily on the themes of good vs. evil . . . Although the Jennings sisters share one body, they certainly do not share the same mind, engages Kobasic has developed each of the characters fully, in a way that makes it easy for the reader to distinguish the two. With a strong cast of supporting characters, the only thing upsetting about this book is that it ended too soon.
-Red City Review 
“Kobasic’s absolutely fascinating plot slowly builds good vs evil while interweaved in Scarlett and Sebastian’s unrequited relationship. For readers who enjoy a plethora of irony amid twists and turns, look no further. Vanishing Twin has all those elements as so much more to keep re-engaged from cover to cover.”
-Pacific Book Reviews 


★★★★★ “. . . A remarkable and compelling story that is also very much a psychological thriller.Kobasic smoothly and skillfully wraps her readers in her storyline. Her characters are real and finely drawn.” Readers’ Favorite   – Jack Magnus

★★★★★ “. . . A flawlessly written story…The novel is filled with drama, intrigue and romance and a perfectly balanced combination of beautiful magic and dark magic.” -Readers’ Favorite –  Faridah Nassozi

Five Star ★★★★★ “The story of good and evil is an old one, but it has been presented in a new and creative way.”Readers’ Favorite – Kathryn Bennet

Five Star ★★★★★ “A riveting novel that focuses heavily on the themes of good vs. evil . . . With a strong cast of supporting characters, the only thing upsetting about this book is that it ended too soon.”- Red City Review

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